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Edward’s Menagerie: The new collection


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Edward’s Menagerie: The new collection

50 animal patterns to learn to crochet

Kerry Lord

“Get ready to learn to crochet fifty new Edward’s Menagerie animals from best-selling author Kerry Lord.”

Hook your way througheasy-to-make patterns to create a leopard who’s determined to be a breadwinning baker, a lumberjack moose and a very fluffy bunny who gives the best hufs ever. Read all about these endearing characters as you learn and improve your crochet techniques, working ip from beginner projects through more challenging patterns.

Every pattern uses only basic stitches and the step-by-step instructions make this the perfect book to learn to crochet. Each animal comes in four different sizes and is made in a super-soft yarn in a subtle natural colour palette from TOFT.

  • Level ONE patterns: these animals use only chain and double crochet stitch, and simple shaping techniques. You will need to refer to Basic Skills and Stitches in the book.
  • Level TWO patterns: These animals include all the level one skills with the addition of a basic colour change where you will move from one ball of yarn to the next. Some patterns will also involve easy splitting of rounds.
  • Level THREE patterns: These animals require a little more concentration. Techniques include use of the loop stitch, splitting and branching of rounds into smaller ones and also complex colour changing that involves discipline when counting.


De dieren uit Edward’s Menagerie zijn allemaal één familie en hebben daarom als basis hetzelfde lijf en dezelfde vorm pootjes.

Dit is een Engelstalig boek.

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